“The womb of a woman is the most sacred place on Earth..¨

I am feeling very inspired to share a Yoni Egg Workshop and Ceremony in this next month of June and how this beautiful ancient practice can help you to connect deeply with your womb, your yoni, and the sacred feminine, as well as the many physical benefits that come with this.

Maybe some of you have had some experience with the yoni egg, and this can be a very beautiful way to come together and to connect once again with your egg and your yoni in this very sacred and safe container.
For those of you who have not had any experience with the egg this is a perfect opportunity to learn all about them, to ask any questions you may have and to experience a practice together.

The workshop and ceremony will be split over two sessions and will be online.
Friday 14th June: Two hour informative workshop
Friday 21st June: Two hour Yoni Egg ceremony ( Full Moon)

I have programmed it this way so that we can harness the powerful full moon energy for our ceremony
If you are unable to make these dates then both sessions will be recorded (Zoom) so you can watch them in your own time.

The times will be ..

8pm – 10pm Mexico City , and CST in the US

12pm -2pm Melbourne Australia (Saturday)

The exchange for the two sessions will be 500 Mexican Pesos in total (this is approx USD 29 or AUD 40).
Yoni egg practices are part of ancient Taoist yoga methodology designed to help strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles and deepen the connection with yourself, your sexual energy, femininity & pelvis. This workshop is perfect for women completely new to the jade egg, feminine practices, and women’s circles, and is also great for women with experience who want to refresh their egg practice or just be in the nourishing presence of a supportive group of women.

During this workshop we will come together to connect deeply with our feminine essence by learning about the Yoni Egg and there will be an in depth discussion about the eggs – what they are, how and why to use them, the benefits, the different stones, how to clean and prepare them etc. and space for all your practical questions.

In the second part we will share a very sacred ceremony together where I will guide us into the practice of using the egg including some pelvic floor practices, and we will be connecting on a heart level with our yonis.
You don’t need an egg to participate in the ceremony- you can still do the whole practice without an egg in case you don’t have a yoni egg yet. The ceremony will be very private and beautiful.
This is another reason why there is one week inbetween the workshop and the ceremony as this gives you time to buy an egg if you wish to use it for the ceremony.

If you feel called to deeply connect with yourself, your sexual energy, femininity, womb space, and other women, and to learn all about the eggs and basic feminine embodiment for your home practice you are so welcome to join!

Some of the benefits of using the eggs are:
* healing past sexual experiences or patterns
* creating a self-healing program for cysts, fibroids, painful periods etc
* de-armour the yoni, making it more sensitive and alive!
* build stronger, more flexible PC muscles
* activate sexual energy channels
* enhance the energy flow in the sexual area
* develop tantric sexuality

If you would like to read some reviews from some of the ladies who’ve come on the retreats you can read them here to get more of a feel for me and how I work

Do let me know if you have any questions or would like to confirm your spot (spots will be limited to create a nice safe and intimate container)

You can also go right ahead and book your tickets this way if you prefer through this link 

With so much love
Have a beautiful day