For the past 10 years I have been dedicated to working with individuals to help them with healing their body, mind and soul, and reconnecting with their inner selves.

Throughout my whole life I have always had a passion and yearning from my heart to help people through this journey of life, even while being the manager of a busy travel agency in Melbourne. 

Although comfortable, the job, and my life in the city were both very stressful and somehow I never felt quite fulfilled, no matter how hard I worked or how many activities and social events I attended. After a serious back injury I finally started listening to what my body and soul were trying to tell me – that I needed to make some changes in my life.

 It was a big jump, and quite a scary one, to leave the security of a secure job and my comfortable life in the city behind, but listening to my heart instead of my head, I engaged on a beautiful journey of healing starting with myself then sharing with others and now am very much dedicated to this beautiful path.

I have discovered many incredible tools such as meditation and Aguahara (the therapy in the water) that are now very much integrated into my way of life and my work due to the deep healing and transformation that they bring.

It was when working in a refugee camp in Greece some years ago that I first truly realised the power , the beauty and the magic of when a group of women come together regardless of race, age, social backgrounds, ways of life- boundaries come tumbling down, hearts open , connections are made and the magic starts to flow…

I have since had much experience with women`s circles, retreats and individual work with women and this incredible path has led me to the magical village of Mazunte which is now very much home and the perfect place for the beautiful retreats that I run here, and for the therapies that I offer. 

Please get in touch to have a chat about what it is that your body and heart are calling for today 🙂