Connect with your partner and yourself while enjoying life at a luxury beach villa, here in the tropical paradise of southern Mexico. This four-day retreat includes exciting activities to help grow as a couple, plus ample time to relax and unwind together. Learn authentic tantric practices to deepen intimacy and ignite the spark in your relationship.

Love relationships often go the opposite way of other things in our lives. We usually get better and more skilled at things over time, but when it comes to relationships, often they start by falling head-over-heels in love but over time turn to indifference, boredom, patterns and even conflict.
The path of tantra can reveal to us the secrets of attraction and lasting love in our relationships. Ancient tantric wisdom teaches us what creates attraction, what makes it grow or die out, and how to use the power of attraction in a positive way in our lives. This retreat will share this knowledge in a way that is accessible and exciting for our time, while preserving the full power of the original teachings.


By understanding the dynamics of couple relationships, we can build relationships that will have even more love and passion after many years together, where the attraction grows along with both partners.
We will teach fundamental tantric theory and put it immediately into practice through interactive exercises and activities, yoga and special meditations.

Intimate relationship as a platform for personal and spiritual growth
Couple relationship in the tantric tradition
Polarity in tantra
Principles of sacred sexuality
Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles
Empowering each other as partners
Transfiguration: discovering the most profound and transcendent view of yourself and your partner
The art of intimacy


The aim of this retreat is nothing short of a dive into your most authentic self, while at the same time learning to meet your partner heart to heart. You will experience connection on a deeper level, discover the true magic within your partner and take your relationship far beyond the ordinary. Excitement, real intimacy and unconditional love are available to everyone and every couple. In this retreat, you’ll learn how to make them blossom in your life.

We will explore activities alone and in couples to help release contractions, cultivate authentic connection with your partner and reveal the divine love that is already within you. You will learn techniques and practices to take home and integrate into your daily life. The facilitators hold a safe and compassionate space to go through your own process, and we are available to support in whatever way you need.

Some of the activities we will be doing are:
•• Daily yoga, meditation and pranayama sessions
• Couples breathwork for energetic synchronization
• Tantra theory and instructions
• Ceremonies including fire, heart opening cacao and Kirtan- working with the 5 elements
• Authentic tantric rituals
• Guided massage sessions
• Kirtan (devotional music)
• Couples connection in the water
• Movement therapy work

You will all experience the healing and relaxation of an individual session of Aguahara in the water

Also as a couple you will be guided through some beautiful exercises together in the water helping you to connect, to both give and receiving unconditionally, to support each other and to feel supported by each other , working with trust and with presence.

Imagine yourself floating in warm water with the one you love, an embrace that has no words, re-energizing your relationship, practicing non-verbal communication with increased intimacy and flowing heart connection….a deeply bonding experience!.

Breathwork is a direct path to opening to more energy, flow, freedom and clarity in your body, life and relationship. How you breathe is a direct reflection of how you show up in life.Although an individual journey, conscious connected breathwork becomes an incredible tool for connection, communication, intimacy and healing within your relationship. Moving beyond any stories or limitations of the ego, you arrive at the deep soul connection within


We will be staying at a luxury villa located in a gated neighborhood 30 minutes away by car from Puerto Escondido, in the town of Santa Elena. in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
The villa contains five bedrooms, two pools and a yoga space. Each bedroom has a king-size bed and private bathroom. It is on the beach so you will have the chance to enjoy the sunshine, smooth sand and warm water. Take in the stunning sunsets from the beach or villa patio
The neighborhood has only a few houses, so it is a very quiet area with a lot of privacy.
Inside the property there is a house where the maintenance manager lives, due to this the neighborhood has security and assistance of the staff 24 hours a day.


Each day we will eat delicious, local, vegetarian fresh food prepared fresh onsite by our chef using local ingredients.
If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.


• Tasha Friedman- certified yoga and tantra instructor with over 750 hours teacher training., Tantra massage therapist
• Paulo Carmago – certified yoga therapist, teacher in hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga.
• Marika Chen- certified yoga teacher, facilitator of temazcal, cacao and other sacred ceremonies
• JoJo Walsh, Facilitator of healing work through the water,Therapist ,Space holder for women´s circles, groups and individuals – Counselor and Life Coaching – Massage and energy work


We have a range of prices depending on the room type – just get in touch and we will let you know!

Price includes
4 nights accommodation in the beautiful villa
All breakfasts and lunches and dinners
An individual session of Aguahara
All the activities


The retreat does not include any nudity or explicit sexuality. Couples of all orientations are welcome.